5 albums released this month that got us excited about life again

It’s not all bad news this month. For a few minutes, let’s forget Boris, Brexit and bloody depressing weather, and enjoy some of the good stuff. Here’s 5 great new albums that prove that June wasn’t so bad, after all. 


Mala | Mirrors

The long awaited follow up to his Brownswood debut, Mirrors was recorded in collaboration with a group of Peruvian musicians, during a series of visits to Lima. As something of a dubstep veteran, Mala’s original DMZ sound remains at the core of this album, but the inspiration from afro-peruvian music and culture breathes throughout.

Out now on Brownswood. Listen in full and Buy it here


Jordan Rakei | Cloak

Hailing from Australia, settled in South London, soul singer and producer, Jordan Rakei, has been floating around London’s downbeat electronic scene for a couple of years.  His debut album, Cloak has been released in Brisbane label ‘Soul has no Tempo’. The album grooves its way through soul, jazz and moody electronica, with vocals that could melt butter and strip underwear with the same breath.

Out now on Soul has no Tempo: You can buy it here


Suff Daddy | Birdsongs

Last week, Berlin based beat-maker, Suff Daddy released his 7th studio album, Birdsongs, on Jakarta Records. Soulful, glitchy and soaked in 808 sleaze, Suff Daddy’s laid back hip-hop sound is more Los Angeles than Berlin; scattered with drunken, lazy instrumentals, and 90s throwback beats.

Available now on Jakarta Records, here


Floorplan | Victorious

Robert Hood created the Floorplan alias to allow a funkier, house-ier vibe than his usual techno stompers. Slightly heavier than the ‘Paradise’ album, his new release ‘Victorious’, on his own label, M-plant, is a no-holds-barred selection of house shaped party tools, ready to take you, hands in the air, through any dancefloor session. Expect joyous, gospel vocals and unrelenting hi-hats.

Victorious is out now on M-Plant. Get the album here


Marquis Hawkes | Social Housing

Marquis Hawkes’ debut LP is out now on Houndstooth. The album name is said to be a reflection of the positive effect Berlin’s social housing had for Marquis’ own creative freedom. The resulting sound is a collection of fun, bouncy, Summer ready house tunes; with influences ranging from 90s acid, French filter house to Todd Edwards 4/4.

Get the full LP on Houndstooth, here.


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