Dama Dama drops remix EP of Pedestrian’s Circadian Rhythms

pedestrian press 2

The second release on Dama Dama, the musical love-child of Maribou State, Pedestrian and their long-time pals, is an eclectic remix EP of Pedestrian’s Circadian Rhtyhms. The three track EP features remixes by three thoughtfully considered producers; Bastien Keb, Olsen and Ross from Friends.

Each interpretation on the EP reflects the attitude you’d expect from Pedestrian and the Dama family; sitting somewhere between the club and the lounge, floating through shuffling 2-step sounds, percussive house and dreamy ambiance. That being said, all of three remixers bring their own, unique flavour to the table, resulting in three, quite different atmospheres.

The first rework comes from experimental live beat maker, Bastien Keb. True to form, his take on Torn Blue is beautifully un-polished, with deep, slow, walking bass and husky vocal samples; held together with hand claps and trumpets. He’s taken the peak-time house party vibe of the original mix, and led it to the ‘deep philosophical chat’ corner of the smoking area.

Olsen layers dreamlike synths and dubbed out beats, through the warm and textured vocals of ‘Deep in Daylight’. Punctuated with little piano droplets, this tune has a certain warmth; a hazy sunrise quality. Looking forward to more from this guy.

South London’s Ross from Friends (best name in dance music?) brings the late night stomp with his remix of JNT. Crackling 2 step, rolling percussion and muted symbols loop over Pedestrian’s gentle, flowing melody. It’s dark, deep and groovy, and is crying out for some wavey dancing in the small hours.

Circadian Rhythms Remix EP is out now on Dama Dama as an exclusive digital download. Listen in full and get yours here.



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