Sleek new house music from Church’s Seb Wildblood

seb wild press 2

Known for his sleek, building dj style and elegant, lo-fi productions, Seb Wildblood, co-founder of Church records, has been rolling out a steady stream of understated, melodic house and techno since 2012.

After his debut LP last year on SW Recordings and cassette only album on Church, Seb is back with a 4 track EP, Jazz Vol 1; a smooth, sophisticated house number with, and you may have guessed from the title, a whole lot of jazzy groove.

Imagine a night in a smokey New York cocktail bar, sometime in the late 80s, mixed with a hazy 5am house party on Peckham Rye. Smooth sax and pianos tones, woven together with shuffling 4/4 beats.

The title track is a gentle mix of clean house and off kilter sax. ‘Nothing’ layers dreamlike pads and flutes, with a slightly eerie James Brown sample. Seb takes things up half a notch with ‘Seal of Approval’. Distinctly 90s house pianos loop over 60s soul vocals, with some progressively stompy kickdrum action.

Seal of Approval gets the party remix treatment from Wolf Music’s, and Peckhams very own, Medlar. If the original mix is giving off some 90s vibes, the remix is positively radiating them. Elements of eary rave and hardcore, this is a party stomper, an alternative Summer anthem, and shows off Medlar’s multi-dimensional skills as a remixer.

Jazz Vol 1 is a great example of the more mature sound of Church Records. Seb Wildblood’s consistent style is cementing his place as the understated hero of the scene, with the rest of Church Records following suit. This is a label on the rise, and an important part of the growing, exciting melting pot of intelligent dance music in South East London.

Jazz Vol 1 is out now on Church Records. Digital download available here or get your physical copy here.


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